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Summer: 8 Course Tasting Dinner

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Menu $75 per person

Wine pairing $40

Corkage $15

Cocktails $10

KBL | Early Girl Tomato, Watermelon, Fish Sauce

Kamatis bagoong lasona, an Ilocano condiment usually paired with fried food. Here we turned it into a refreshing summer salad by adding watermelon and an umph of fermented fish sauce.

Palabok | House Made Rice Noodle, Shrimp, Chicharon

Flavors of palabok, a noodle dish made of rice noodles and a sauce made with shrimp and atchuete is the inspiration for this dish. A sheet of rice noodle is specked with edible flowers that envelopes grilled shrimp and crunchy chicharron.

Squid Relleno | Chorizo, Melon, Fennel

Monterey squid is stuffed with chorizo and served with Heirloom melons prepared different ways.

Lamb Gising Gising | Pole Beans, Flat Pandesal, Cilantro

Australian Lamb is ground up and braised in cocont milk along with different types of pole beans and served with a home made grilled flat pandesal

Short Rib Puchero | Plantain, Potato, Brentwood Corn

Short rib is sous vide until tender, it is accompanied with grilled summer corn and fried potatoes. A sauce is made from beef jus and braised tomato and finished with plantain chips.

K&J Pluots Mochi | Champoy

Frozen Jackfruit | Coconut Sugar

A semi frozen custard made with jackfruit paired with a coconut sugar crumble and mint

Surprised bite