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Kamayan Dinner: Eating with your hands

The word "kamayan" derives from the word "kamay," meaning “hand.” It is a celebration with the whole family — or even the whole village — getting together to share a meal using their hands. It is a communal meal where a spread of rice and different "ulam" are presented on banana leaves. The different  main dishes showcase the freshest of the region where the meal is prepared.


PINOY HERITAGE believes there’s no better way to build community than to eat together, with no reservations!

Purchase tickets :

5:30PM Reservation

Menu $85 per person with one complimentary drink

Chika chika happy hour

Enjoy a choice between a special house cocktail or virgin cocktail by our special guest bartender. Go "chika-chika" (chat) with the folks around and meet new people.

Laing profiterole

A pâte à  choux filled with Laing passed around during cocktail hour

Salmon Kinilaw

Salmon kinilaw (ceviche) are marinated in preserve calamansi dressing along with cherries and other goodness. It is placed on top of fried taro chips. served during the chika chika  hour

Sinigang broth

Start off with Sinigang - a pork based soup soured with tamarind.  This will surely get the appetite going for the feast.

Four hour smoked chicken

Inspired by lechon manok (charcoal roasted chicken), our chicken is marinated in garlic, soy sauce, and Sprite for two days, then smoked for 4 hours.

It is finished with a ladle of smoking hot oil to create a delicious, golden skin!

Lechon pork belly

Lechon: Traditionally a spit-roasted whole hog, marinated with lemongrass, garlic, black pepper and bay leaves; we braise our marinated pork belly, then fry until crispy.


A braised beef dish originating from Spain, cooked in tomato sauce with carrot and potato; finished with calamansi, a floral citrus native to the Philippines, and seasoned with soy sauce.

PEI mussels

Steamed in coconut milk and Lambanog ( coconut spirit ) finished with Palapa Maguindanao - A condiment of taosted fresh coconut, garlic, shallots, ginger and turmeric.

Petrale sole

Whole petrale sole dusted with rice flour and fried for 15 minutes to create a super crispy fish. You can almost eat the whole thing even the bones!! Sourced locally in San Francisco.

Shrimp skewers

It is grilled head on so you can sup up the head and enjoy the rest

Farmer's market specials

Dependent on what we find in the farmer's market, Here are a few items


Summer squash

Roasted brentwood corn

K & J Grilled peaches with lemongrass oil

Steamed california rice

Charred cabbage wedge

Roasted cauliflower

Heirloom tomatoes


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